Bringing Elohim/Alohim GOD's Language & Science together as 1=One, For use/help Computers + Robots:

Here, at this website, I share, my reasons for the needed Moral Guidance and my proposal for legally creating the blessed new standards for sharing human wisdom with modern computers - with the objective of benefiting people, from the yet better comprehension of our gifted Toråh, and in my hope for our teaching of the truth in facts in our minds, so that the artificial brains of computers which need to know and trust our Minds, will do so acording to our blessed evolution on Earth......by AmnonMichaelCohen

Uuniversal, Automatic Comprehension Capabilities Invention:

There are thousends of Natural Languages in use on Earth each day, and while few are most popular and are used more then all others, the need to understand a language we do not know is still a problem - even after all the innovations of Automatic Translations with Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Speech, as all are failing to succeed by the reason of other not understanding what the Inventor of USCIIIIII CODE Solution does, as to creating a solution in the image of our created special intellectual capabilities, by nature itself.

INVENTION EXPLAINED, in moral/cultural terms, for Scientific success:

As the Innovator of "Super Natural Language Tongues' Universal Lexical code for Automatic Intercultural Translation & Comprehension" I am also blessed to represent the intercultural truth of håAdam-håuRishon, known as Ådam of Eden, also known to be the very 1st Human-being to recognize and know our Alohim/Elohim God of Goodness as creator of all the good and created; facts of truth as it had been discovered and is recognized as the yet 'eminent truth of everness', originally presented for all to share as one, 5778 years ago, in simple terms of that-time which are not as different from our own times... - and also now, as Science has verified the Truths in facts we can trust = No Life found other then here on Earth:

Fears of the unknown and un-understood were formed from religion into science which is now again being helped by this invention!

Q&A: How do we properly pronounce, and should spell the name of the creator GOD we all know, Elohim? Alohim? and why should we?! = is explained here in traditional yet limited standard popular English language - - and words you may not yet comprehend to properly understand, are yet new and not yet part of existing dictionaries...

Here, is my Moral plus initial Legal considerations related to creating "Super Natural Language-Tongues, Universal-Standard" "Super Natural Language-Tongues, Universal-Standard" claims to Patented Intellectual Property, with my 1st thanks for the gifted blessing itself, and also in my plea for Alohim to miraculously direct the global enlightenment of the blessings within the wisdom of the long needed usciiiiii lexical code for universal automation; transformation of intercultural wisdom represented by other cultural natural languages, now to be also coded by capturing Natural Logic structure as it had been imbedded into Natural Languages and now into Super Natural Languages...

Elohim, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - we read this.!
(?±?'¥) is a Hebrew word which expresses concepts of divinity or deity, notably used as a name of God in Judaism. It is apparently related to the Northwest Semitic word æl (?±?) "god". Within Hebrew, it is morphologically a plural, in use both as a true plural with the meaning "angels, gods, rulers" and as a "plural intensive" with singular meaning, referring to a god or goddess, and especially to the single God of Israel. The associated singular Eloah (??'') occurs only in poetry and in late Biblical Hebrew, in imitation of Aramaic usage.[1]

In the Torah, the word sometimes acts as a singular noun in Hebrew grammar, and is then generally understood to denote the single God of Israel, while in other cases, it acts as an ordinary plural and refers to the polytheistic notion of multiple gods (see Sons of God). The notion of divinity underwent radical changes throughout the period of early Israelite identity.

Now even Wikipedia has problems showing where Elohim is not Alohim, if you search the internet or world, so how do we address our creator or anyone or any place which exists by name and in a proper pronunciation, if we can not spell the name properly to start with ?! When is an E ´E as A or å or ã ?!


This website, is the first ever to help Yisrael read better its Torah, and it also deals with bringing the blessing our creator has been sharing with our forefathers and us all through the years, by employing servants selected not by themselves but by Alohim.

Here we look at honesty in selected key languages and related cultures' compliance with nature and blessed evolution from creation.

Where concise comprehension is the domain of HONEST languages. like logic and Mathematics or any 'accountable natural language'. computers and people need a way which is like nature where we live; so the idea of "Creating machines in our own image, successfully; as our success is because we are created in our creator's image'

As you note, the look of written speech is as alive as talking, but not when printed. This innovation complies with all natural languages as its root is in nature and the way we are created. Creating machines in our own image as we are created in our creator's image is only the blessed thing to do, as we are blessed to evolve by the oneness we share with all living and created. Vision and hearing are honest like feeling and senses we naturally are gifted with; and languages, as honest as these qualities, is what Alohim is showing us here at this website - through the living servant Amnon mike Cohen (HaShulami hHaRishon lYisrael)


True and Factual plus Honest Language - among Dishonest Languages and Cultures.

English, ends as most used natural language to be employed now as ascii-code, and these are now the LEGAL code for Information Interchanges, as it is in the American Standard Code Information Interchange ASCII - and this is one of the reasons why computers can not listen or talk, not sing and think along with us - but mostly, because selfish ignorant arrogant protective envious angry malicious greedy dishonest immoral morons our Torah has originally named as ToHoo-vBoHoo meaning 'wondering while looking' in its true Intercultural Translation comprehension, like in natural conversation.
The E in English is not the same like the E in End And is more like the way it sounds - so how is a computer to know or a person to understand, when we do have good healthy mind and logic - does language fail us? YES and this is where Alohim is back to again show you how you are created and how a machine will understand you - if you wish Alohim to also be one with you...
Primitive tongues and languages, contain the basic needed communications for cultural and survival needs of people, as children of our creator; yet one is so special it is not yet fully understood by its own people, a language known as God's language, as it does convey in superior lexical structure for prayer as well as wisdom of the secrets of nature we are still investigating to find to be more true then new news with more modern and richer know-how gathered over centuries of our evolution.
I like to start, by addressing the problem of Illiteracy among modern educated people - which in light of flaws in language should not be deemed as a flaw God has made in the person we do not know is illiterate, as while able to talk and think and function like us all, these people's 'Genius' is not able 'to read or write' because such minds, like computers maybe, can not capture the å of au or ee from the i or y where u = you for the new kids using phones for text messaging as well in shortest new ways. A computer, and a healthy mind, does not like these 'sub-routine' 'detour' compensations for limitations in why DOOR & FLOOR OO do not sound like COOK & BOOK & LOOK and not only the question if English should be spelled Anglish or Inglish so we know which way is the proper way. Because we can spell and say Yisrael, why did someone start by the mistake of writing Israel - or as to Yerushalåyim, why call it Jerusalem or Palestine - these deviations, for evil or any other radon, can be mended by the truth of proper SynTexting of EchoLogical Machines, or simply put, the new miracles miraculous machine has been invented by the way Alohim as well as Elohim can be made true.

This website is being created now - so please, make a note, to come back, here, soon - thanks with hope to be helpful -













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