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The TRIBES are LOST, but here is help I can offer:

My reading of our TORAH, as 1st written by Moshéa-Rabenu, shows that the ORIGINAL STORY/TESTAMENT/DISCOVERY of haAdam-haRishon actually is entered at the second PEREK and 4th STATEMENT/TRUTH told. I teach, that our 1st best yet Rabbi who was educated to be the next Prince of Egypt had learned about his/ours humankind's original Selected Memory.

I also teach, we were given 5+5 and NOT 10 Commandments, as the 1st 5 are Moral Laws yet the other 5 are the National/Civil Laws we have made so moral wrong by now, that in the Modern world, a man can Marry another man and adopt a son - ignoring the Mother needed some are trying to also bypass by artificial whatever in a planet which responds only to Super Natural Powers we have been sharing through selected verbal and physical teachings.

I have told my 3 sons, that haAdam haRishon, was a BooLoo that The GaLoo were after, and during his wonders he had witnessed ALOHIM & haShem-Mauyim (God and Sky) and as there was no concept of Order and Time and there was no understanding of EDEN yet The Wind of AIR=GOD=WATER=ICE was what was moving the trees, an invisible ONE of all ONENESS within the Cosmos and created Universe plus our solar system he, haAdam haRishon did not understand, when he told of his Discoveries

This is also what I like our EchoLogical Humanized ComputerRobots do by employing "The New Miracle, Electro Numerical Machine" or as we call it "The Electronic Brain" suitable for the "Human Mind" - also employing 5+5+5+5=20=20 type of logic. As a result, GOD's GOODNESS will be here for us, also on the yet to be improved, internet.||.


In my lifetime as a living-servant, first by the fulfillment of my vow, and thenafter - by the living will of Alohino ShomriYaHu - I had been gifted with the Eminent-Truth verification, and blessed to bring into human awareness, the wisdom it has lost and further challenged as untrue by deviators from fact and truth. Because almost all 7 billion people living on Earth today, seem to still be in the state of ToHu-vBoHu 'Pondering and Wondering' as documented from 5770 years ago; and almost all people do not know nor understand the yet mysterious miraculous powers of Alohim and follow other 'false gods and magical powers'; are, not One with Our Creator's creation, nor are offering thanks and showing respect for the bounty provided to sustain us each new year we are granted to travel and exist within our universe; but mostly because, as all peoples and people, are now more then ever before, ready with the Need to Know, the wisdom documented within The-Torah as the only blessed way for reaching the promised future of Eden, as The Becoming World translated properly then The Next World or Afterlife and alike falsehoods, cultures and religions - and I have been blessed with the discovery of the innovation needed to teach humankind how to create Toy-Tools like Computers and robots in our own image as we are made in our creator's image, first discovered and granted to Adam, haAdam-haRishon, who knew the tranquility of everness foreverafter; and thereby within this website, like my forefathers had done, I do share the wisdom of the intercultural comprehension we shall teach EchoLogical Machines by employing 'the new miracle numerical assistant' to operate all future Universally Intelligent Machines as well as you and all who do not know nor understand the yet mysterious miraculous powers of Alohim, as real, true and in fact alive. Alohim, has never yet left this special gifted planet; and you are now looking into the window where the clouds will clear the sky with the Twin Rainbow to confirm and verify the continuous blessing granted to Noach, that this one and only living planet within the universe will be kept for life to continue under the grace of the sun (Not in these words, but with same meaning for prophets who did not see the Earth from space as we have witnessed - in addition to the fact that no Twin Rainbow, no Rainbow, no soil, no air can be found as the hobble telescope has documented in our lifetime.)

As I was born and raised in Yisrael within our new State of Israel, unfortunately now being cut-up for allowing false claims to our granted blessed lands and culture; I have already found since my very early youth on our soil, that our Tribes are Lost.

While the creation of the state of Israel after political disgrace of the 1st and 2nd and soon maybe 3rd World Wars, the love for our land was so refreshing I felt and painted it as we The Eevreem Tribes had memorized it, when we first lived in Gamla and/or Emek Yizrael and Nahålal, so identifiable from deep space view and not only on our special planet, sustaining life and all there is; but the spiritual love for our landlord Alohim, was divided 3 ways, and everyone was more focused on rebuilding our homeland few were looking at the 'blessed resolution' as the way to regain our important service as thanks for the Nations which help us serve the planets best interests first; and without the spiritual moral guidance, all who are part of The Lost Tribes - are Lost yet for the expected sought salvation for much too long - that now matures, with the global capability of the www internet to share truths and facts among all who care to be part of the wonderful parts of free life -without exploitations from ignorance and ignorance, race and any discrimination preferences or greeds plus faults and flaws other then natural accidents.


The Blessing, in our time:

Our people, Yisrael, now in the politically new sectioned state of Israel and on our planet (Plus unfortunately, also in space); our peoples have kept the Human trust in truth of facts of Discovery of our graceful blessing for all lifetimes, and NOT its distorted exploitation; and other peoples as well - by now, have benefited from our original 'fear of "The Unknown"' turning to Trusted Belief, maturing into Religion/Science and growing as Science against Religion and irresponsible Science. Our people are known to be the positive graceful wisdom of ages and now, as well as the future; yet, they are acting like Americans and learn from all other God's-Children in all other nations, God loves as valued part of its creation. The translation of "The Becoming World", did not make the HEADLINES for all the years since it was published, and people are translating it as 'The Next World', 'The Better World', 'next life', 'next lifetime' and all kinds of distorted comprehension of the Truth in Fact of the Concept.||.

NASA has delivered much modern truth and Facts about our Cosmos, and we all must be thankful for this, as now we can open the sky and your mind to capture the beauty of the super-natural design which can be transferred from "THE FLAT B&W WORD" our "TORAH" documents as Eminent-Truth, into the Planetary Earth, seeded miraculously with life in the soil, with Ice/Water/Air + Solar Planet to sustain life and an original moon to balance our everlasting, daily trip within the cosmos. The sun-rise and sets of a simpler, flat world; is now better understood, since we have been privileged to see 'the marvelous blue marble', one and only, EARTH. Thanks to NASA, we have not seen any Twin-Rainbow (Not Double, as these are not duplicates nor same, as twins come together in one event...) which means NO HOPE FOR ANOTHER PLANET, we only have one we know and must share as one - with all the living and growing.||.

Our Blessings, as expected by 5775/2015 (Kabaulauh) to be responsive to 'Whole Completed Peace' leading into "Reaching Tranquility", starts by our deeper-learning of our own heritage and following the wisdom of no greed, no envy, no stress, satisfaction, success, happiness, enlightenments, richness, grace, wealth and fame plus long life and realizing our afterlife, (See my abau model, under amnonmikecohen.)

During my lifetime and also as a natural Levi and under the vow to serve as gifted at the age of 7, I have witnessed along with all 4 ongoing living generations of modern humans, after we have reached all god's-children, and almost have discovered all living and alive there is - to be first to see our special, now known to be most special one and only lonely warm wet planet in a frozen universe - sustaining life thanks to The Sun, and The Moon - so we not only have proof of EARTH's actual shape and place plus changing rotations with the flexibility of multiple cycles and reactions to solar and cosmic events - we have been the first 4 generations to see beauty and glory plus grace we have been blessed with to understand and enjoy, as parts of the gift of life, resulted from the love between our parents and devotion in best hopes for next generations to come, on a planet where within my own lifetime, the 3 Billion people world has become a 7 Billion people world, and it is easy to predict, a 14 Billion soles searching for food and shelter on this one and only lonely planet, "The Blue Marble Marvelous Earth" Planet - which is a gift, Adam, has not witnessed as we have by now, but I also bow to his legend, as the most original and very first human to feel and be in the presence of our universe, to put all we know as true and fact now 5772 years, only, since knowledge of truth as fact has been first recognized and shared. See my Adam&Eve webpage.


Our Oneness, as One: (There is no w in one)

We are born as 1 and stay one in most cases. We must live all our lives as One inside ourselves, employing all our abilities and capabilities. We have an opportunity to find our Mate so to make another one, daughter or son as well as both. This, makes us half of a bigger one, made by choice and marriage, and yet bigger one as a family, and we are bigger yet as A Nation and Biggest as people on Earth. There is much more to oneness, I shall enter here later. Sharing, The Cosmos or just A World, by nature, is on equal equatable basis, and morally on compassionate basis as well. We agree, I hope, that the owner of the cosmos and everything there is - is Good-God itself; and I teach, that if the sun will 'explode' and if 'the world is split by half by some unforeseen cosmic effect' God will own both halves, and it will not belong to any human kingdom or government or tyranny.

Our One God Blessing and trust, as Creator and as Everything (As people actually take GOD to be all and in all and responsible for all and ultimate-saver of all...) was verbally transferred as human-memory and history of reliable trust and beliefs, including worshiped items but mostly as free as life and good health are for the mind and body, had been and is offered as graceful service and extended goodwill for deriving a yet better world for all 7 + growing Billions of people needing food and shelter, goods and services, education and entertainment, is now not respected nor understood in a world now shared by political powers employing and controlling advanced tools and technologies in irresponsible and unholy ways and leaving tiers mandated National and international responsibilities to much weaker powers of concerned organizations recognizing we can work to restore the Planet Earth as well as Destroy its gifts to us - in a crucial time and when we clearly know there is no other place to go - or live - and we may only be able to fly away and come back to the only place within the universe we can actually spend A Good Day, inside and outside our shelter from any harm or danger, and there will not be 'Palestinians' claims by lies or thievery by riots in our world... where, like in Israel, you can protest, by taking your tent and meeting people for discussing, how can we fix the Legal Wrongs and regain the Moral Just.














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